Day                             Meeting / Address                                                    Format                                     Type                                             Time             

                   Sunday:                Sunday Night Smack Down                                         Discussion                            Open                                       7:00pm

                                                 Java Grind Coffee Shop

10400 Lorain Rd Cleveland Ohio 44111


JAH Big Book                                                                      Discussion                         Open,                                       6:00pm

4770 Broadview Rd

Cleveland Ohio 44109


                  Monday:              Broadway Ave. Group                                                           Lead                                     Open                                     7:00pm

                                                Holy Name Church         

                                                8328 Broadway Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44105


                                                This Is Serious                                                                    Lead                                      Open                                    7:00pm

                                                1741 North Ridge Rd

                                                Sheffield Township 44055


                Tuesday:              HA Big Book                                                                        Discussion                           Open                                      6:00pm

North Star Neighborhood Re-entry Resources

1834 East 55th St Cleveland Ohio 44103


Rock Star                                                                             Lead                                       Open                                    8:00pm

                                                The Rock Community Church    Discussion

                                                9403 Garfield Blvd. Garfield Hts Ohio 44125

                                                Starts April 16, 2013


                Thursday:            Stella Maris HA                                                               Lead / Discussion                        Open                                 8:15pm

                                                Stella Maris Coffee Shop

                                                1320 Washington Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44109


                Saturday:             Dick Riley Fellowship Hall                                              Lead                                        Open                                      4:30pm

                                                2555 Rush Blvd Youngstown Ohio 44501


                                                Saturday Night HA                                                           Lead                                         Open                                      8:00pm

                                                Serenity Social Club

                                                4821 Turney @ Russell Garfield Hts


                                                Midnight Grind                                                                 Lead                                        Open                                       12:00am

                                                Java Grind Coffee Shop

10400 Lorain Rd Cleveland Ohio 44111


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